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In the year 20XY, GUCCI MegaCorp spreads the super disease Trauma-GUCCI. Only the blobby creatures can stop them by collecting genes to become the strongest. But your enemies also want to save the world. Who ever collects the most genes win!

Who is the best at saving the world from FASHION FEAR FEEL?


Each player controls a base where their creature can train. When the player feels their creature is ready, they can release it into the Arena. The pet can collect Genes in the arena. Genes make your next creatures stronger, and collecting the most genes after 20 genes have been picked up means that you win! When your creature dies, a new one is hatched at your base and you can train it again.

The three types of training are:

Science (lab): More likely to pick up Genes

Swoosh (treadmill): Runs faster. More likely to be distracted by Fruit.

Strongth (karate gym): Fights better. More likely to be distracted by Fruit.

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Published 2 years ago
StatusIn development


TRAUMA-GUCCI v3.zip (10 MB)
TRAUMA-GUCCI v1.zip (10 MB)